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Introducing a new 3VA service: Covid-19 Group Recovery Plans

26 July 2021

We know how hard the Covid-19 pandemic has been for voluntary & community groups and social enterprises. We know because you have told us.

Be it shortfalls in income, the need to secure funding for future sustainability, confusion about how to re-open services more safely and reassure service users that you are open, to concerns about how to protect and support your volunteers, the need to engage new volunteers, strengthen your management committee and a whole range of other issues, some of which will be unique to your organisation.

While we don’t pretend to have instant solutions to everything, we are introducing a new service – Covid-19 Group Recovery Plans – aimed at providing you with in-depth support to address whatever issues you feel you are currently facing.

We are able to offer this service to groups from now until the end of September 2021 thanks to funding from East Sussex County Council.

How it works

We will allocate up to one day (7.5 hours) of intensive staff time to work with individual voluntary & groups and social enterprises to support them with their recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

As well as working on issues during the allocated time, at the end of the intensive support we will provide each organisation with a specific, written ‘Plan’ that will include a summary of work carried out and recommendations about what the organisation can do next, to further their Covid-19 ‘recovery’. This will include signposting to other 3VA services (specific training workshops etc) and/or services from other providers.

We can also provide this support via small issue-based (e.g. governance) groups. Although, each participating group will still be equipped with a specific, individual recovery plans, including clear recommendations about what to do next.

What issues can we offer support with?

Based on research we have already done with groups, we think the main issues organisations need support with to recover from the pandemic are:

  • governance (group structure and strengthening trustee boards)
  • funding
  • volunteering
  • reopening services

The list is not exhaustive and whatever your organisation’s individual circumstances are, we will work with you to identify your specific issues and try to support you with them.

What will the intensive support look like?

Before starting intensive work with your organisation, we will ask you to tell us what you think your issues are so we can think about how best to support your recovery.

The one-day of intensive support can be delivered in the way you want it (e.g. via two half-days or in one go). At the outset we will ask you to identify a specific contact person. We will meet with that person (and anyone else from the organisation who it would be useful to have involved) either online or in-person (Covid safety regulations and protocols permitting).

We will then agree how to use the remaining intensive time most effectively. Ultimately, this will be your decision. For example, you may decide to use the time to work with us on searching for potential funders and begin outlining/writing specific funding applications.

At the end of the intensive support, we will provide your organisation with a specific, written recovery ‘plan’. While each plan will include clear, organisation-specific recommendations about what to do next, it will be at your organisation’s discretion as to how those recommendations are implemented.

How to access this support

Please complete the form below and one of our community development officers will be in touch.

Covid-19 Group Recovery Plans Contact

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