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Involving volunteers

Successfully recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers.

3VA Video: How to recognise the signs of poor mental health and raise concerns

This informational video is designed for volunteers supporting their local community during the coronavirus pandemic to help them recognise the signs of poor mental health and to confidently raise concerns.

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3VA Guide: Volunteering safely during the Covid-19 pandemic

Volunteering to help others is crucial in the response to coronavirus, but it is essential that it is done safely, both for your health and the health of others. Check out 3VA’s guide, which includes information about who and when you can volunteer, PPE, delivering food and other goods, accessing and handling cash, safeguarding and reporting concerns and more.


Volunteer Centre East Sussex Best Practice Resources

A wide range of Essential Guides covering a variety of topics from writing a volunteer policy to reimbursing expenses. Each guide has ‘all you need to know’ basic information and links to help you locate further information. They are the ideal starting point for finding out more on any aspect of working with volunteers.

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3VA Guide: Young People and Volunteering in East Sussex

Volunteer Centre East Sussex and the East Sussex CVS Partnership guide for organisations that want to successfully recruit young volunteers.


Why involve volunteers?

Involving volunteers can add great value to what your organisation does and support you to achieve your mission and strategic objectives. Find out more from NCVO.

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How to manage your charity’s volunteers

Guidance from the Charity Commission on how to recruit and manage volunteers for your charity, including the vetting process, paying expenses, role descriptions and insurance.

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