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Bill’s story

The photo shows Bill, a Community Support Volunteer at St Wilfrid’s Hospice, working with a patient, Martin, to record his life story. With the help of video calling, the pair have been having weekly online meetings so that Bill can create a biography of the Martin’s life.

What did your volunteers do?

Community Support Volunteers (CSVs) provide support and companionship for patients and carers at end of life as well as people who are bereaved. Pre-pandemic, they made regular home visits or went out together to a café or for a walk.

In March 2020, face to face visits had to abruptly stop and CSVs quickly adapted to provide online or telephone or Zoom support. CSVs currently provide support to over 80 patients or carers and some have started making face to face visits again since 17th March.

How did your volunteers make a difference?

CSVs like Bill have been a vital lifeline for people who were plunged into isolation when the pandemic struck.

When life has felt impossible, CSVs have been able to lend a helping hand, providing respite support so people can attend appointments, working with patients to record their life story, celebrating milestone birthdays and just generally being there for people. CSVs offer a listening ear and a friendly voice at the other end of the telephone which has been so important during this challenging time.

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