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Emma’s story

In the photo:

Zetetick’s volunteer, Emma Vartdal, with one of our collection boxes outside Waterstones in Lewes.

This is one of the 20 shops in Lewes where, thanks to Emma, locals can donate to our charity providing supported living, enabling people with learning disabilities and autism to live in homes of their own.

What did your volunteer do?

In December 2020, right before lockdown, Emma trudged around stormy, windswept Lewes with 20 of Zetetick’s collection boxes. We asked her to try to place a few in local businesses so that locals could donate to our charity.

It was a truly miserable day full of fear of a second wave of Covid-19, but Emma managed to place all 20 in local shops. Despite normally working on a computer in a nice warm office, without a second thought Emma stoically braved the elements to help raise funds for our charity.

How did your volunteer make a difference?

As a volunteer beavering away in our back office, normally writing copy for our website and social media, Emma is a volunteer whose dedication and hard work often goes unseen and unrecognised.

Although not on the front line, Zetetick would not be able to do what we do without the work that Emma does on engagement, connecting our charity with people who can help us provide more people with learning disabilities and autism with what is often a first home of their own.

In addition, Emma went the extra mile, literally, to help raise funds for our important work.

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