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Fiona’s story

Volunteering for TechResort has opened-up Fiona Davison-Tricket’s life in more ways than one.

Why did you want to volunteer?

After finishing her university degree in Digital Media Design four years ago, the not particularly outgoing Fiona felt a tad uncertain about her future. Education was one thing, but employment was something she felt seriously ill-equipped for.

Luckily, a neighbour introduced Fiona to TechResort, a local community group whose sole mission is to openly and freely share creative and digitals skills with everyone, and Fiona joined them as a volunteer.

What do you do?

Volunteering was a huge step forward for Fiona. Not only was she able to use her skills to help and teach others, but she also found herself gaining new skills.

Fiona said: “I knew nothing about the business world – or how to work in an office environment,” said Fiona. “But I soon learned.” By gently encouraging Fiona to step out of her comfort zone, the TechResort team quickly helped her build up her confidence. So much so, in fact, that they were able to offer her a little paid work.

What did you get out of it?

After working her way up from organising to then assisting other group leaders, Fiona now finds herself facilitating group sessions at the EU Settled Status group in Seaside, Eastbourne. A huge feat for someone who, before volunteering, would never have dreamed she could confidently support a whole group of people.

What next?

So, not only has voluntary work allowed Fiona to help others, but it has also paved the way for her to overcome some of her own shyness, gain new life-skills and find paid employment. Inspirational. Another positive is that Fiona also still volunteers. Good news all round!

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