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Holding Space

In the photo:

An amazing team of volunteers and professionals at Holding Space who give their time and expertise to support parents and children struggling with their mental health.

What did your volunteers do?

Throughout the pandemic the team have supported parents and children across East Sussex who are struggling with their mental health. They have offered a range of services and supported families with walk & talk sessions, online parent support sessions, telephone support and low cost counselling.

They have shared their knowledge and expertise and empowered parents so that are better able to cope at home and support their children.

How did your volunteers make a difference?

Through their work the team have brought together families that would otherwise feel alone and isolated.

They have provided a safe space for families to be able to talk about mental health and to know that they are not alone; they have brought a community together.

By offering early intervention, through low cost counselling and telephone support they have also prevented a rise in mental illness in children and young people and given hope to many families. They have provided a platform to open up and normalise conversations about mental health.

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