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Joanna’s story

In the photo:

This is Joanna Slaughter who runs HOMELINK’s emergency grants scheme from home.

HOMELINK grants provide individuals and families with essential household items they need but cannot afford. The pandemic has seen demand for HOMELINK’s grants double however Joanna has been able to keep this vital community scheme running throughout.

What did your volunteer do?

Joanna Slaughter runs HOMELINK’s emergency grants programme, which assists those in crisis who cannot afford the essential household items most of us take for granted.

Clients are refereed to Joanna from HOMELINK’s Client Managers, Lewes District Council Housing Officers and other community partners such as Age UK, NHS and StepsWest (for over 60s).

The stories of need are often harrowing. Joanna liaises with each person to discuss their circumstances and assess what’s needed. Grants between £200 and £400 are then considered and approved by the HOMELINK team. Once approved, Joanna then orders the items for clients and assists with the delivery arrangements.

How did your volunteer make a difference?

Thanks to Joanna’s single-handed efforts, HOMELINK’s grants have been available throughout 2020 despite the pandemic and a significant increase in demand.

In 2020, Joanna processed 63 grants which have helped improve the quality of life of many. Recent examples include assisting a family without insurance whose home was devastated by a fire and an individual who, following a life-changing accident at work, needed to cover floorboards to make home a little more livable.

Thanks to Joanna, the small grants scheme has helped many others without basics such as beds, cookers and fridges have a better standard of living.

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