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Marion, Sue and Jo’s story

In the photo:

Marion, Sue and Jo are three host volunteers at St Wilfrid’s Hospice. They are standing at the end of the ward after a busy shift providing hospitality for patients.

About 40 volunteers helped to keep things going on the ward over the past 18 months. One of our Host volunteers, Paul said:

“The biggest change would be the wearing of PPE. It sounds a little scary, but in fact it is reassuring that the hospice is continuing to take such precautions. I would also say that since the crisis, the Host teams have been mixed up a little and I have found myself working alongside fellow volunteers whom I would not ordinarily meet, which has been really good.”

What did your volunteers do?

Host volunteers continued to come into the hospice from the very start of the pandemic when we were unsure how it would affect our care provision and how we were to keep our workforce and patients safe from this new virus.

Host volunteers quickly adapted to wearing full PPE including scrubs and visors so that they could continue to deliver meals and hospitality to our patients, including those with COVID -19. With a welcoming smile, Hosts helped friends and family to navigate risk assessments, PPE and testing requirements so that they could visit their loved ones safely in line with our visiting policy.

How did your volunteers make a difference?

The clinical teams have been under considerable strain over the past 18 months which would have been far worse were it not for our incredible team of hosts.

Hosts showed courage and bravery, making sure patients were well fed, often working in isolation rooms and under the most challenging of circumstances. Thanks to the hosts, the hospice has been able to continue to care for patients throughout the pandemic.

It has been a roller coaster ride of a year and the host team have taken all of it in their stride.

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