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Pam’s story

In the photo:

72 years young! The infamous mud slide! Tradition has it that Pam has to go down first!

N.I.P.P.E.R.S. annual summer fun day was started by Pam over 20 years ago and is now a huge event held in Fort Road Recreation Grounds firmly embedded into the Newhaven calendar.

What did your volunteer do?

Pam has voluntarily run the Newhaven charity N.I.P.P.E.R.S for the last 28 years! She fundraises and physically runs the free after school club and school holiday clubs.

She repurposes food that would have gone to waste by collecting from FairShare/Haven Community Hub to give the children healthy food.

She volunteers her time in her capacity as treasurer for Greenhavens Network, a voluntarily led community group that works across the Havens connecting people and wildlife.

Partly voluntary, Pam is a Forest School level 3 trainer, training new leaders to enable more Forest Schools across Sussex as well as running voluntary sessions.

How did your volunteer make a difference?

Without the relentless fundraising Pam does daily to fund the children’s places, there wouldn’t be free & subsidised places for children to go in the holidays or after school. This package of subsidised transport, clubs and food enables children who wouldn’t normally be able to access clubs to learn, play and have fun.

By voluntarily running forest school sessions in Telscombe, Pam had enabled her students to train whilst encouraging independent, creative, learners though improving the children’s confidence by creative play.

Pam’s invaluable contribution to Greenhavens Network means it continues to offer free training and nature solutions throughout the Havens.

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