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Tammy’s story

In the photo:

Tammy Howard, one of Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust‘s fabulous Volunteer Coordinators at Eastbourne Vaccination Centre.

What did your volunteer do?

Tammy Howard, a volunteer coordinator for the Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust currently at the Welcome Building in Eastbourne.

One of our many volunteers who have played an important part within the vaccine programme to help with the stewarding and coordinating of patients to guide them to their vaccine pod, Tammy as a Coordinator has been fundamental to setting up great teams of volunteers and sharing ideas to make improvements.

How did your volunteer make a difference?

Over my time at the centre, Tammy has found that it can be emotional when you interact with members of the public who have not left their house since the pandemic began, or those that are anxious about needles or the environment that they are in, but you see how much that receiving the vaccine means to them.

Going out of your way to assist others leaves you with a heart-warming feeling that you are doing a good job and you end up leaving the shift with a great big smile on your face, it is almost like receiving a great big hug!

Although Tammy is recently back at work as a Cinema Manager, she says:

“I feel I simply cannot leave the volunteering role. I have found something that is really making a difference to the way that we can live our lives in the future, not only that I find that it makes me feel good at the same time. My fellow team of volunteers are simply the best, I have made some lifelong friends who all share a passion of wanting to help and support others.”

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