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Treat Tuesday Team’s story

In the photo:

Some of the fabulous Treat Tuesday team at Rotherfield St Martin (RSM) preparing to set out across the community to visit older people living alone, to deliver a wholesome meal and combat isolation and loneliness. The team is managed by Lead Volunteer Sharon Howard who has co ordinated over 1,400 visits in the last 12 months.

What did your volunteers do?

RSM’s Treat Tuesday team venture out in all weathers, visiting older people who live alone, to deliver a large helping of cake and friendship. This was an initiative born out of lockdown to help combat isolation and loneliness. Initially the aim was to replace the loss of the weekly village Lunch Club which is a very social affair.

Working with the company cook, the team initially delivered wholesome meals, switching to fresh fruit in the summer months (sponsored by a local supporter of RSM) and now the team are baking their own homemade treats to deliver with love and friendship.

How did your volunteers make a difference?

With lockdown forcing many families apart, RSM’s volunteers have become a local friend on the doorstep to many older people in our community.

As well as friendship, they have offered advice, support and compassion. The Treat Tuesday team look forward to and enjoy their visits as the friendship is two ways.

Two ladies in their 90’s that have become friends with our young volunteers commented:

“You have been a real brick and I always look forward to your visit” and “I always put your visit on my calendar as it’s the only thing to look forward to.”

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