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After a devastating cancer diagnosis for Fler Wright, she and husband Justin now passionately believe that life is a blessing – to be enjoyed doing things you love, with the people you love. So they help families struggling with cancer to do just that.

Why did you want to volunteer?

Their own experience made them sadly aware just how little practical and financial help is out there for people affected by cancer and they decided they did not want other people to struggle the way they had. So they founded Wolo – We Only Live Once – to help families going through a similar situation. Fler has now finished treatment and is loving life. “I believe we should live for every moment,” she declared.

How do you help?

Donated funds are used to pay for services and experiences to help make the day-to-day lives of families affected by cancer easier. Each family has very different on-going needs and the charity tries to support them. Regular cleaning, complementary therapies, annual passes for local attractions, gardening, child-care, legal help – any way we can.

What effect did Covid-19 have?

Wolo saw a 75% increase in those seeking help during lockdown, with requests also coming from further afield than normal. As those affected by cancer are naturally very vulnerable Wolo quickly adapted their services, creating ‘essentials’ boxes for needy families, sourced with help from local businesses. Wolo have committed to this until the end of 2020. In some ways, Covid-19 actually turned out to be a blessing for their charity because they were able to access some extra funding which increased their ability to help. People also got much more involved and some amazing supporters raised £7000 after running 120 miles. A dare-devil sky-dive also recently raised £10,000, with more to come!

What have you personally gained from setting up this charity?

“The feedback we get is so positive and thankful that it simply makes us want to do more. There are no boundaries or cut-off points – if we can do it, we will. The more we do, the more inspirational, imaginative, hands-on, like-minded people we meet. It’s wonderful.”

What does the future hold?

Fler freely admits that her heart is now in Wolo:

“I can’t imagine doing anything else. It shouldn’t take a life-event to make you sit up and live. Having cancer makes you rethink your life totally. It’s all about purpose – what makes life fruitful. We want to promote fun and wellbeing. We want to appeal to the wider community – those who want to really live their lives and in that way inspire and help others. Justin has found that cancer often has a particularly adverse effect on men’s mental health and wants to work on the best way to support them. We are also talking with corporate sponsors – because we want this to be part of their lives too.”

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